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What’s On Your Bucket List?

Not the list for the rest of your life, but just the one for this month. Do you want to try out that hot new restaurant? Attend your child’s play? Get a pedicure? To sleep, perchance to dream… being able to relax and enjoy life is challenging when you’re a business owner. There are endless… [Read More…]


Get It Together – Get Organized!

Undisciplined, sloppy, inefficient. Messy, unorganized, discombobulated. Do you worry that those words apply to you? Many entrepreneurs and small business owners feel overwhelmed by the mountains of work they need to perform to keep their businesses running. It’s not unusual for tidiness and organization to slip through the cracks, especially because, to many people, it… [Read More…]

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Shopping With Superheroes (And Heroines!)

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and so are graduations, Father’s Day, and plenty of other holidays and birthdays this spring going on into the summer. And don’t forget about business milestone celebrations. Are you ready? Important dates and events require cards, gifts, cakes, and communications. If you are swamped and haven’t got time… [Read More…]


How To Write Great Marketing Emails

Most entrepreneurs rely heavily on email marketing to fill their programs and sell their services and products. Email is great because it’s trackable, fast, and costs you nothing in paper or postage. However, if your sales email isn’t written well, it won’t get a decent response, and worse, might even prompt some recipients to unsubscribe… [Read More…]

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What To Do When Business Is Slow

If you’re starting your business, it’s likely that your clients are creeping in slower than a sleepy snail. For others, certain times will be sluggish due to weather, tourism, holidays, etc. When it happens, don’t despair – and don’t drown your sorrows by binge-watching an entire season of Downtown Abbey! Embrace this slow time as… [Read More…]


Marketing Basics: 4 Essentials

When you’re marketing to clients, no effort you put forth will get off the ground unless you understand some very simple marketing concepts. These tips will help you connect and understand your clients and connect with them in a meaningful way. Once you get your mind around these, conversations with clients and prospects will suddenly… [Read More…]

Isolated Top Hat for Uncle Sam

Are You Ready For Uncle Sam?

There’s only a little time left before tax day. Are you ready? Do you have all your documents in order? This includes just about every piece of paper (or digital document) related to your business finances. Look for: Expense receipts Client invoices and payment statements Bank interest statements Vendor 1099 forms Any tax credits Charitable… [Read More…]


Tick Tock! Countdown To Tax Day!

Like sand through the hourglass, so go the days until April 15… Are you ready for tax day? Filing small business taxes sounds pretty simple. Just enter the number for your income, the number for your expenses, and boom, you’re all done! But the reality is just not that easy. When you get down to… [Read More…]