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Don’t Sweat It – Get An Editor

Its commen for alot of people to make mistakes, when spelling certain words.  Lot’s of people also have problems with to many typo’s. Did you catch all seven errors in the previous two sentences? If not, don’t worry too much. You’re hardly alone. Many people are a bit confused about plurals and apostrophes, and even… [Read More…]

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Prevent Brain Drain – Get A Partner!

When you’re working hard to create new, valuable offerings for your clients, it can be hard to come up with exciting materials all by yourself. If you’re operating in a silo, your ideas might start to get repetitive and unoriginal. One of the best ways to keep your creative juices flowing, your energy up and… [Read More…]

Get The Help You Need – And Keep Your Privacy

When you’re running your business from home and need help, you can’t have various and sundry staff members coming and going all the time. Not only is it an intrusion on your home and family, but also, it can make for confusion and lead to mistakes. In order to continue to work on your business… [Read More…]


Get Less Stressed

As an entrepreneur, your days are packed from morning ‘til night with important activity. You’re developing new materials, courting new clients, supervising a website makeover, emailing vendors and clients, creating your marketing strategy, maintaining files, keeping track of expenses… And what about making time for friends and family? Working for yourself is a lot of… [Read More…]

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5 Benefits Of Blogging For Business

There are many great reasons to maintain a blog for your business. Here are my five favorites: You can demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of your subject. It enables clients to see your personality – this is especially important for long-distance clients. It’s your own forum for public relations. You can share news and information… [Read More…]


Blogging 101 For Entrepreneurs

You know how blogging can drive traffic to your website, but did you know that writing blog posts can be fun and easy? No, really! Here are a few simple rules that, when followed, can pave the path for a smooth and pleasant blogging experience. Enjoy! Step 1: Create An Editorial Calendar If you take… [Read More…]

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Does Your Contact List Need A Refresh?

There is never a bad time to update your contact list, and maintaining contact with your clients is vital to the health of your business. Whether you keep your contacts’ information in a database, an email program or an old-school paper Rolodex, this is the kind of not-so-thrilling task that often gets pushed to the… [Read More…]

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The Art Of Giving Thanks

The holidays are over, and likely as not, you received some gifts or gift certificates from friends, relations, business colleagues, vendors, coworkers or even people who view you as a prospective client. You already know you need to express gratitude, but there are two issues to consider: what type of thank-you is appropriate, and where… [Read More…]