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Our experts can oversee every phase of your marketing efforts. We’ll take your lead magnets, sales funnels and CRM campaigns from development to implementation and maintenance.


Maintaining day-to-day operations can take up a great deal of your valuable time. The dedicated operations team at SophieZo is here to attend to the daily demands and keep your business running smoothly!


The expert online business managers from SophieZo are committed to overseeing all aspects of your business from team management and daily operations, to major marketing, design, tech projects, launches, summits, memberships and more.


Not sure of the best way to grow your business focusing on what you do best and what matters most? We offer business consulting services in our 3 areas of expertise to be sure you have the right strategy and execution plan to make it happen.

I have come to not only rely on Sophie but also to trust her to be my right hand in my business. 

She is quick to offer new solutions and ideas to challenges I may have, and has a breadth of knowledge in the online tools and resources to support my business. In my absence, Sophie serves as my key support person, ensuring that my client needs are always taken care of. The ability to hand off the vital admin tasks to Sophie allows me the freedom to focus on the revenue-generating activities that are essential to my business growth. I am delighted to have Sophie on my team!

Miriam Zacharias, MS, LPSN

Working with Sophie has been one of the best moves I have made for my business this year. Her technical knowledge and experience are first-rate, but what’s really impressive is her ability to quickly understand my vision, keep a clear line of communication open during our projects, and let me concentrate on the things I need to do for my business knowing that she will get the job done right. Running your own business can be overwhelming and chaotic without the right support. I am so grateful to have Sophie on my team and know that my business – and my sanity – are in good hands.

Dawn Mena, Captivating Copy

Hiring Sophie was one of the best business decisions I made for both my business and myself. In more ways than one, I feel as if I have a partner helping me run, manage and grow my business.

Sophie’s technical savvy, extensive social media experience, lightening speed pace, go-to attitude and excellent customer service and project management skills are a few of the strengths that she brings to my business. business and enjoying my life.

Althea McIntyre, The Best Career For Me

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About Sophie Zollmann

Sophie Zollmann is the secret weapon behind many small businesses. Since she was a child, she loved helping people. I’d take ideas and find a way to make them happen for others.

Not much has changed.

She’s been referred to as a “right-hand woman”, an “implementation ninja”, and a “trusted partner”.


The answer is simple. Her passion is helping small business owners and entrepreneurs hit their goals. She loves building the strategy, the systems, the products/services, the marketing and the team needed to grow and scale a small business.

Being someone’s right-hand support system is where her genius lies. And she LOVES to get stuff done!

She’s a Certified Online Business Manager, Certified Social Media Manager, and Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist. She’s a member of the International Association of Online Business Managers.

When she’s not checking off task lists and implementing strategies, she loves to spend time with her husband and family at the beach. She’s also a die-hard Harry Potter fan, and one of her favorite places on Earth is Universal Studios Harry Potter.

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