Mini Marketing Packages

Scaling your business is easy when you’ve got top of the line, forward-thinking marketing strategies!
We’ve created a series of mini-marketing packages to help you increase your brand awareness, share your expertise, and get more visibility. These smaller-scale marketing options give you a sneak-peek at all the amazing things SophieZo’s next level business support can do for your brand, but quantities are limited.
Reserve your package today and get ready for a bigger, better business!

Blog Package

Let’s be honest- blogging consistently isn’t easy! Constantly coming up with new topics week after week and finding the time to actually write the post is a challenge for many business owners, and they miss the opportunity to connect with customers on a weekly basis.

Not anymore! We’ve got your blog covered with a premiere package that helps you increase your visibility, build the know/like/trust factor with your audience, and show off your incredible expertise!

This package includes:

  • 1 300-600 word blog post per week
  • 1 mini newsletter to promote blog post
  • 1 long social media post, or 3 short to promote blog
  • Posting the blog on your website
  • Creating and sending the mini newsletter in your CRM
  • Sourcing image(s) and scheduling the social post(s) on a scheduling tool

Newsletter Package

Great things are happening in your business, and you want to share them with your audience!

A weekly newsletter is the perfect way to keep your customers informed about new products, services, and events, and share valuable information and helpful tips.

We’ll create an eye-catching, attention-getting newsletter that your audience will be happy to find in their inbox every week!

This package includes:

  • Weekly newsletter (customer provides topic)
  • 1 social media post on topic
  • Creating and sending the newsletter in your CRM
  • Sourcing image(s)
  • Scheduling the social post on a scheduling tool

    Social Media Package

    Social media is the #1 tool for increasing brand awareness, building your online community, and scaling your business to the next level- but who has time to do it?

    We do!!!

    We know that the secret to improving engagement and increasing customer loyalty is consistency. If you really want to build relationships with your audience, you need to show up in their newsfeed every single day. We can make it happen. We’ll craft captivating, entertaining posts that will keep your online community informed and engaged and help you grow your brand.

    This Package Includes:

    • 30 long social media posts per month
    • Image sourcing and design
    • Scheduling the posts in a social media management tool of your choosing
    • Engagement monitoring and management


    Monthly Podcast Launch Package

    Podcasts are everywhere these days, and if you’ve ever considered starting one of your own, here’s your chance!

    Podcasts are an incredible opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, broaden your audience and brand awareness, and connect and build trust with your followers.

    We’ll be by your side from start to finish as you launch this exciting new marketing initiative!

    This package includes:

    Month 1: 

    • Setup of Libsyn (or similar podcast management tool purchased by client)
    • Podcast album art graphic creation
    • Creation of intro and outro files
    • Music selection support (if needed)
    • Editing of podcast description created by client
    • Submission on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, Google, and more
    • Editing, show notes, and upload of approx. 30 min launch episode 
    • Creation of templates for social media posts (quote cards and audiograms) 

    Month 2 and ongoing monthly:

    Podcast management including editing and upload of (2) 30 minute podcast episodes per month with show notes, album art, and social media promotional post.


    Once you’ve seen what the SophieZo team can do for your business, you’re going to be ready for MORE! Check out our next level business support services and book a call to find out how you can save $1000.00 per month in 2022!!

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