Declaring Your Independence
Sophie Zollmann
July 4, 2019

Remember that glorious day when you decided you were tired of working for other people? You declared your independence and built the business of your dreams. And while owning your own business is amazing, it’s not always a picnic. Or is it?? Building your own business might have more in common with your 4th of July BBQ than you realized…

It’s Hard To Make Everyone Happy:

Customer Service is a lot like grilling for a crowd – everyone wants something different. Bob wants his burger rare enough to moo, and Aunt Martha wants hers charred to the consistency of a hockey puck. It’s not easy to give everyone what they want, but you keep trying! You respond quickly to customer requests, solve problems right away, and try to customize your services to fit everyone’s needs.

Sometimes There Are Bugs:

Growing a business isn’t easy. You’ll probably encounter some problems or setbacks that you hadn’t expected. But you don’t let those ants ruin your picnic! You turn problems into learning experiences and use them to motivate you to reach your next big goal!

You Need Fireworks:

When you’re expanding your brand, you’ll look for ideas that will thrill and excite your customers. Those ideas are like fireworks – some make a lot of noise and seem really exciting at first, but then they just fizzle out. Others start off small and burst into something bigger and more amazing than you could have imagined. Keep shooting out ideas like bottle rockets until you find the ones that make everyone ooh and ahh!

You Feel Like You’re Missing Your Party:

Sometimes you’ll be too busy to enjoy your own party. If you’re constantly rushing around and trying to keep everything running smoothly, you’ll miss out on all the fun! Don’t let work turn you into a party pooper. Call for backup! Just like you need a cohost to help you throw a great party, you need an OBM and a reliable team to help you run a successful business.

You’re Always Planning Ahead:

Before the paper plates and napkins have been thrown away, you’re already thinking about next year’s big bash. You’re not satisfied with one success – you want to keep making great things happen! You’re constantly dreaming up new ideas and thinking of ways to make your brand bigger and better.

Every party host knows that awesome moment when the party is in full swing, everyone is having fun, and you get to sit back with a beer in your hand and a smile on your face and enjoy what you’ve created. This is your moment! You’ve built an amazing business, and the future looks bright, so take a moment to enjoy your success. Then book a call so we can talk about the next big step for your business!

Happy 4th of July from the gang at SophieZo!!


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