5 Common Mistakes Online
Business Owners Make
Sophie Zollmann
September 13, 2019

Owning your own successful business can be the accomplishment of a lifetime – unless it takes over your life! Finding a manageable work/life balance is challenging for many business owners, but it can be done. See if you’re making any of these common mistakes that keep your from living your best life.

 1. Taking On Too Much

The urge to build your business as quickly as possible is understandable, but it can lead to taking on a heavier workload than you can manage. If you take on too much, you’ll find yourself stressed and overwhelmed – or even worse, you could face missed deadlines or submitting work that doesn’t meet your high standards.

It’s better to stick with a manageable workload that allows you to consistently meet deadlines and produce work that exceeds expectations. Your business will grow and evolve based on a solid reputation of excellence. It might take a little more time, but you’ll be healthier and happier!

 2. Not Trusting Your Team

Successful business owners know that they can’t do it alone, so they hire a team of hardworking experts to help them reach their goals. Unfortunately, some business owners find it hard to let go of the reins.

We get it – you built your company from scratch, and your name is on the line. But if you spend your time micromanaging or second-guessing your team, you’re missing out on new opportunities. You hired smart, capable people, so you have to take a step back and trust them to do their job. Then you can get to work on your company’s next great thing.

 3. Not Delegating

Even if you trust your team, are you truly delegating like you should? Too many business owners hold on to time-sucking tasks that could be handled by others. Do you really need to read EVERY email in your inbox? Is it necessary to personally review every single invoice that’s sent out?

If it can be handed off – do it! Your company needs your vision and creativity, so don’t waste your valuable time on menial tasks. Delegating allows you to focus on the big picture for our business.

4. Not Setting Work Hours

One of the greatest things about online business is that you can do it anywhere and at any time. That’s also one of its biggest drawbacks! If you don’t set (and stick to!) defined working hours, you’ll find yourself on call all the time.

If you’re constantly on the clock, you’ll miss out on family time, self-care, sleep! Your business is important, but so are you. Keep work in working hours as much as possible and safeguard that precious family and leisure time.

 5. Not Focusing On the Future

When business is going well it’s easy to get complacent. Your company is successful, you’re making money – you can just ride that wave, right?

Not if you want to keep growing! Expanding your brand takes innovation and a keen eye on the future. Be proud of your success, but keep setting new goals and dreaming up new ideas for the future of your business.

If you find yourself making any of these common mistakes, SophieZo can help! Book a call today to see what we can take off your plate to free up your time so you can live your best life!


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