Are You Using Your
Team Effectively?
Sophie Zollmann
October 25, 2019

You’ve put together a top-notch team, and they’re ready to do great things for your business. What now? Having a team you can count on is crucial, but it’s only the first step to building a bigger, better business. Once you’ve got your team, you must figure out how to use them effectively. These 3 tips can help you maximize your team’s talents to build a better brand.

1. Identify Team Member’s Strengths

Everyone has talents that go beyond their basic job descriptions- you simply have to discover them! Maybe your VA is an organizing genius that can whip your archives into shape. Your copywriter can handle your blog and newsletter, but maybe she can bring a fresh perspective to your web copy or brighten up your marketing emails as well. Encourage your team to show off their skills and try new things.

2. Let Them Grow

As you and your team learn more about one another, you’ll have a better idea of areas where they might excel. Offer them challenges and opportunities to explore new areas of your business. When you mentor your team and help them acquire new skills, your business can grow, reach higher levels and set bigger goals for the future.

3. Show Them That You Trust Them

If your team is rising to every task and exceeding your expectations, they’re ready for more responsibility. Start delegating more of the tasks that are taking up your time. Offering more responsibilities shows that you believe in them and think that they are capable of great things. Trusting your team to shoulder more of the workload frees you up to pursue more opportunities for your business and proves that you believe they can get the job done.

Recognizing your team’s strengths, developing their skills, and encouraging them to learn and grow not only increases your company’s productivity, it also increases team spirit and loyalty. Your team will appreciate your confidence in their abilities, and you’ll be able to expand your business goals and build a brighter future for you and your team.

If you’re ready to build the talented team your business deserves, book a call today. Discover the assets the plug and play team at SophieZo can bring to your business.


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