Take The Delegation Challenge!
Sophie Zollmann
February 7, 2020

You are the heart of your business. You took a great idea and single-handedly turned it into a thriving company. Your business has grown, and you have a dependable team by your side, but you’re still wasting your valuable time on tasks that you could be delegating.

It’s all too easy to fall into the “nobody can do it like I can” mindset, but that mentality can hamper the success of your business. When you’re too bogged down in the small daily details you won’t have time to look at the big picture, and that puts the future of your business at risk.

I’d like to offer you a challenge. For the next week, I want you to try delegating the following tasks and see how much time you gain by assigning tasks to your team rather than overseeing everything yourself. For one week, you’re letting your team take on:

  • Billing
  • Email
  • Scheduling

I guarantee that when the week is over, you won’t want to take the tasks back. If you’re already delegating these jobs, congratulations! You’re ready for the advanced delegation challenge! This is the week that you turn over some MAJOR time-sucks.

  • Social Media
  • Blogging

That might be a little scarier – after all, social media is your main connection to your customers and a major marketing tool. Your customers count on your blog for valuable information and helpful tips. Can you really delegate such important elements of your business to your team without worry?

You can if you have the right team! Your team should include a savvy social media manager and a skilled copywriter. When you free yourself from the hours of obligatory social media marketing and stop stressing out over every blog post, imagine what you could accomplish. You can apply your brain power to the next big thing for your business. You could spend more time with your family. Heck, with all those free hours you could coach your kid’s soccer team or even (gasp) take a vacation!!

Make this the week that you take the delegation challenge. I promise, you won’t regret it. Whether you need delegating advice, or you need to add outstanding team members, SophieZo is here to help. Book a call today and take back your time!


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