Increasing Your
Visibility On A Budget
Sophie Zollmann
February 28, 2020

If your business doesn’t have a huge marketing budget, you might worry about how you’re going to reach potential customers. Luckily, there are ways to get your brand out there without spending a dime! If you have a great reputation and satisfied customers, it’s easier than you might think to advertise for free. Here are 3 completely free ways to build your brand recognition:

1. Increase Your SEO

Search engine optimization is huge for online business. When potential clients search keywords for your business, you want your company to be the first one they see in their search results. The higher your SEO ranking, the more visible you’ll be.

If you want to raise your SEO ranking, quality content is the key. You need an informative, fast, user-friendly website that’s always up to date. If you’re not blogging, it’s time to start – and don’t forget to encourage your followers to share your content on social media. Consistently producing valuable, high-quality content raises your SEO ranking and increases your brand’s visibility.

2. Request Reviews

Happy customers are your greatest asset. Potential clients rely on online reviews more than any other factor. If you’re not asking your customers to provide reviews, you’re losing business.

On the other hand, if you’ve got loads of positive reviews, your customers are doing your advertising for you, and it’s not costing you a penny! Great reviews are marketing gold, so make sure you’re giving your customers plenty of opportunities to sing your praises!

3. Community Involvement

Traditional brick and mortar business have always relied on community involvement to help build a stellar reputation. Giving back to their community increased goodwill and customer loyalty. This is true for online business as well.

You might not be sponsoring local soccer teams or taking part in local volunteer opportunities (though you can certainly do those as well!), but you can still be an invaluable member of your online communities.

Take part in discussions, offer advice and share helpful tips. Before you know it, you’ll have established your reputation as an authority in your field, and potential clients will take note. Being an active, involved member of your online communities is a fantastic way to increase your brand recognition for free!

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to advertise your business. SophieZo can show you how to put your great reputation to work for you! Book a call today to discover how you can increase your visibility and expand your brand without busting your budget!


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