3 Things to Do When $h!t Hits the Fan
Sophie Zollmann
March 14, 2024

It’s here….

That “Oh, shit” moment you’ve been dreading…

Don’t panic- it happens to everyone. Even the most automated companies have humans at the heart of their business, and people make mistakes! No matter how careful and detail oriented you are, something is going to slip through the cracks, and you have to be prepared to go into crisis management mode when it hits the fan.

When things fall apart, here are 3 smart strategies for keeping it together:

  1. Be Timely and Transparent

    This is NOT the time to stay silent! The best thing you can do when you or your team has dropped the ball is to own your mistake, and clearly communicate how you plan to remedy it.

    Avoid excuses. Your clients don’t care why it happened; they just want to know how you’re going to fix it! The faster you can offer an apology and a solution, the easier it will be to recover from your error. 

  2. Choose a Designated Spokesperson

    Depending on the severity of the mistake, you may have a lengthy list of people to answer to. Clients, suppliers, and stakeholders will want answers, and the last thing you need is a stream of misinformation being generated by the rumor mill.

    Designate a well-informed spokesperson with excellent communication skills to serve as a single point of contact for all involved parties. That allows you to control the narrative and squash any rumors before they get out of hand.

  3. Plan Ahead!

    Don’t wait until things fall apart to think about your emergency management plan. Being prepared helps you keep a cool head in the midst of chaos and empowers you to make smart decisions that pave the way for your comeback.

    Perform a SWOT analysis before taking on a big project or expansion and have clear policies and procedures in place before an emergency erupts.

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