Get Real!
Sophie Zollmann
May 10, 2019


Social Media changed the way we do business. These days, having a great product or service just isn’t enough. Social media users, especially millennials, are a savvy, socially conscious bunch. They won’t settle for just liking your product. They want to like you. Online consumers want to buy from brands that share their world view and philosophies. They want to support brands that they believe in. Online businesses can’t settle for being good. They have to be real.

So, how can you show your audience who you are and share what matters to you? Social media makes it really easy to give your followers what they’re looking for. Here are three ways to get real with your audience.

1. Lose the Boring, Static Status Updates

Your customers want to know what makes your brand tick. Show them how the magic happens! Behind-the-scenes photos and videos featuring your employees or production process are always a hit with viewers. An added bonus is they’re inexpensive and easy to produce – all you need is a smartphone! Put aside the overly-scripted, highly produced content, and give your fans a real peek at a day in the life of your business.

2. Tell Your Story

How did you get into this business? What do you love about it? What’s the thing that makes you excited to get up in the morning? Inquiring minds want to know! Share what matters to you with your viewers. You can do that through your blog, a Q&A video, or even by posting quotes that inspire you. Show them who you are and what you love. Let them see the person behind the brand.

And don’t forget to share your philanthropy! Customers love to support brands that care about the causes that are dear to them. In fact, you could even tie in a promotion where you donate a portion of your sales to a cause close to your heart. You’ll be doing good and drawing in potential customers at the same time!

  3. Give Your Audience What They Want

If you look back over your content from the last few months, you’ll probably find some clear winners. What got the most likes or comments, or fostered engaging discussion? Once you’ve figured out what gets your follower’s attention, do more!

Use the topics your audience responds to. Repurpose those popular topics! If you did a Facebook live video that viewers loved, turn it into a blog post. If one of your blogs was a big hit, repackage that baby into a listicle or a series of tips. Work with what you’ve got to keep your audience coming back for more.

Your main goal with social media should be building that authentic relationship with your customers. If your audience doesn’t feel a true connection to your brand, you won’t get the success you deserve.

If you’re ready to get real with your audience, we can help you show them what makes you shine! Book a call today to talk about putting your best foot forward.


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