2020’s Top 5
Online Business Trends
Sophie Zollmann
January 17, 2020

2020 is off and running, bringing with it some exciting new trends for online businesses. We’ve compiled the top 5 trends for the coming year to keep your business at the top of your game!

   1. Reviews Matter More Than Ever

Good reviews have always been important, but now they play a major role in the success of your business. A recent study showed that 92% of online consumers would hesitate to complete a purchase if there were no reviews available. If you’re not actively seeking reviews from satisfied customers, now is the time to start!

   2. Get Your Story Straight

Social media remains a big player in the world of online business, but the methods are changing. In the past, the news feed was the key to social media marketing success, but now stories are taking over! Stories are growing 15 times faster than the traditional newsfeed. Informal, in-the-moment, ephemeral content seems to be the best way to build a stronger connection with your audience. If you’re not making good use of the story feature on Instagram and Facebook, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with your customers.

   3. Tech is Faster Than Ever

There are two things that are likely to take 2020 by storm. The first is the increased availability of the 5G network. Get ready for faster downloads and the ability to interact instantaneously with your customers! You’re also going to see a rise in all-in-1 platforms for online business. An increased demand for platforms that can handle everything from financial transactions to security to banking needs have made all-encompassing platforms more popular than ever.

   4. Reaching Gen Z

Gen Z is the hottest new market. But as with any new generation of consumer, they come with their own set of preferred platforms. If you’re looking to reach Gen Z, you need to turn your focus to TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube.

   5. Increase Your Visibility

2020 is your year to see and be seen! Don’t let your website do all the talking – get your name and face out there. Take part in podcasts. Use your expertise to offer online courses, seminars, consulting, and coaching. Take advantage of real-life speaking engagements and create real world connections with your customers. This is your time to shine!

SophieZo is ready to help you take your business into the new year! Book a call today to choose the plug and play team that will keep you on top of the trends and ahead of the competition.


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