Keeping My Resolution
Sophie Zollmann
March 6, 2020

When I rang in the new year, I made myself a promise – 2020 was going to be the year that I really put myself out there. I was going to share more, be more visible and seek out new opportunities for my business.

We’re three months into 2020, and I’m proud to say that I’m keeping my promise to myself. I’ve had exciting new opportunities to participate in podcasts and interviews, and I’m holding myself accountable for posting more video content. I know that visibility is the key to success, and I’m keeping SophieZo front and center!

I’m not the only business owner that resolved to increase their visibility this year. Lots of entrepreneurs are looking for more online and real-world opportunities to share their expertise and promote their message. If you’re ready to put your brand out there, but you’re still looking for ways to make it happen, check out these tips that worked for me:

  • Use Your Tools

If you want to get face-to-face with your audience, you have PLENTY of tools available. Facebook Live and You Tube put you in front of your followers in an instant. If you’ve got 5 minutes, a cell phone, and a message to share, you can connect with your audience in a single click. Do it!!

  • Try New Things

There are more opportunities to share your knowledge and expertise than ever before. You should be connecting with like-minded peers in Facebook groups and online communities. Not only will you get great ideas and advice, you’ll also have new opportunities. I’ve been able to participate in interviews and podcasts because of the relationships I’ve built with my professional peers, and it’s given me the chance to reach an even wider audience! So, volunteer for an online Q&A. Guest blog for a friend. Take part in a podcast or even start your own! Don’t pass up a chance to reach potential new followers,

  • Take Your Online Business into the Real World

You own an online business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek real-world opportunities to make connections, foster relationships, and meet potential customers. Joining local business leadership groups is an incredible way to expand your network. You should pursue public speaking engagements at group meetings, seminars and industry conferences. Build your reputation locally and be a part of your community’s business leaders.

  • Put It in Writing

Share your years of experience with the next generation. You can offer an online course, host a webinar, or even write a book! You could build a much larger following, increase your revenue and share your expertise.

If visibility is your 2020 vision, book a call today. My plug and play team is ready to help you get out there and get your business the recognition it deserves!


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