5 Reasons to Take Spring Break
Sophie Zollmann
April 17, 2020

You’ve been home with your family for weeks and travel is off the table, so spring break is just a wash this year, right? No way! It might not be a typical week at the beach or even a hang around town staycation, but you can (and should!) make time for spring break. Here are 5 reason to make spring break happen:

1. Everyone Needs a Break

You’ve all been working hard and adjusting to major changes. Give yourself a week to relax and reward all your hard work with some fun!

2. Fun Matters!

Your family has had lots of time together, but how much of it has been dedicated to fun? Step away from school and work and spend a few days just having fun and doing the things that bring you joy.

3. Create Your Own Adventure

You have to stay home, but you can still create fun adventures for your family. Get creative! Camp out in the back yard. Break out the sprinkler and the slip-n-slide and make your own water park. Your imagination can make this spring break one they’ll never forget!

4. You Need Less Stress

Let’s be honest, the Covid-19 crisis has been tough on everyone. We’re worried about keeping our families safe and healthy, job security, and our children’s education. That is a LOT of stress. Taking a break and giving yourself time to relax is a vital part of maintaining your mental and physical health.

5. You’re Making Memories

This is already a time we’ll never forget, but let’s do our best to fill it with great memories. It might not be your family’s most exciting spring break, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be wonderful! Spend time making your own fun and enjoying this unique time together.

The world is pretty crazy right now, but the sun is still shining, the flowers are blooming, and the backyard never looked so good! You deserve a break, and if you need a hand keeping your business running while you enjoy some much-needed downtime, SophieZo is here for you. Book a call today to discover how you can make the most of your time.


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