Keep Those Leads Coming
Sophie Zollmann
September 4, 2020

Are you looking for new leads?

The answer to that question should always be a resounding, “YES!”

Even if your business is on a trajectory to unbelievable success with no end in sight, you should always be focused on cultivating new leads. Staying on top of your game requires you to consistently bring in new business, and that means that you have to keep your marketing pipeline full.

Here are 8 easy ways to generate new leads and keep those conversions coming!

1. Choose the Right Channel

How are you reaching your target audience? Do you depend on your website? Emails? Social Media? Determine which one is the most effective and focus your future efforts in that direction.

2. Try Something New

If you’ve been relying on your website and emails and haven’t put much time into social media, it might be time to branch out! Don’t be afraid of wasting time and money by trying out a new method- it might turn out to be your top conversion tool!

3. Finesse Your Followers

Find out who’s visiting your website and track your social media followers. They might not be customers, but they’ve already shown an interest in your business, and that makes them perfect prospects! Reach out and turn your followers into leads!

4. Give It a Personal Touch

Websites and social media are great for establishing a connection, but when you’re nurturing a promising lead, nothing beats live conversation. The more real-life connections you have, the more trust and loyalty builds, so pick up the phone!

5. Refine Your Lead Magnet

eBooks and free reports are great, but it may not be enough to consistently generate new leads. You need something valuable that your audience really wants. Go back and review your frequently asked questions, or even poll your audience to see what topics are appealing. Use the top choices to generate new lead magnets that bring in lots of new customers.

6. Show What Makes You Different

You’re not the only one doing the job, you’re just the best, right? You want your customers to see what makes your business better than your competition, so find ways to promote what makes you different and unique. You don’t have to throw shade at your competition, you just have to let your strengths shine!

7. Focus on Your Goal

What do you want those potential leads to do? Enroll in your new webinar? Listen to your podcast? Always keep your CTA in mind, and build your emails, newsletters, and social media posts around it- identify the problem, offer the solution (you!), and show them how to take action. Everything should be structured to draw your lead in and make them say “yes”.

8. Get Your Name Out There

The best way to generate new leads is to make yourself more visible. Be active on multiple social media platforms. Join industry Facebook groups. Write guest blogs, answer Q&As- whatever it takes to get your name and brand known in all the right circles.

The marketing experts at SophieZo are ready to help you upgrade your lead acquisition strategy and fill your sales funnels! Book a call today and learn more about getting all the leads you need!


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