Creating Your Greatest Show
Sophie Zollmann
November 13, 2020

We are concluding our mindset series with a discussion of one of the greatest success stories in history- PT Barnum.

They made a movie about his incredible life a few years ago, and I AM OBSESSED!!! The Greatest Showman is an inspiring story of pursuing a dream, overcoming great obstacles, losing it all, and building it back better than before.

I love everything about this movie- it’s filled with amazing talent, gorgeous sets, mind-blowing dance moves, and songs I listen to on repeat. But what really keeps me hooked is the message.

It reinforces my belief that we are capable of ANYTHING, but our choices and our mindset determine whether or not we’ll actually achieve it.

I also relate to this story on a really personal level. I know all about making choices that don’t reflect your vision for your life. I’ve experienced losing it all, and I know that it sometimes takes a catastrophic wake-up call to shift your mindset so that you can create something bigger and better that stays true to your vision.

We’re talking about everything you need to succeed on this week’s podcast. It’s a mixture of ambition, an unstoppable drive, and the resilience to bounce back when things take a wrong turn.

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