10 Social Media Apps
You NEED to Know! Part 1
Sophie Zollmann
February 26, 2021

It’s time to go beyond Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

There are so many up-and-coming social media apps that should be on EVERY marketing expert’s radar that we can’t even fit them all into one post! Today, we’ll focus on 5 of the 10 social media apps you NEED to know!

You’ve heard of most of them, but you might not have considered their amazing potential for building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Let’s look at the first 5:

1. TikTok

TikTok has blown up and its user base has increased exponentially. TikTok’s video format allows you to share tutorials, product demonstrations, how-to’s, and even just fun, slice of life videos!

Marketing possibilities are still evolving on TikTok, so while I wouldn’t recommend making it the cornerstone of your social media marketing strategy, I definitely don’t think you should ignore it ether. TikTok has proven that it’s a force to be reckoned with, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon! If you haven’t explored TikTok, now is the time. At the very least, create an account for your brand and start checking it out.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat has INCREDIBLE marketing opportunities. It boasts over 200 million active daily users, and it’s a perfect fit for fun, playful brands.

When you create a Snapchat business account, you’ll get access to their ads manager feature, which offers functions like age targeting or location targeting, and multiple ad formats. You’ll be able to connect with very specific segments of your audiences, and chances are good you’ll make some sales- users are 60% more likely to make an impulse purchase on Snapchat than on other major platforms!

3. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-only iPhone app whose popularity has recently exploded. This social network is still invitation only, so user numbers are fairly low. Clubhouse has been compared to a “zoom call without video” or described as “listening in on someone’s phone call”. Clubhouse offers topic-based “rooms” on an endless array of subjects. Each room has a creator or moderator that controls who gets to speak.

Imagine Clubhouse as a bit of an upscale virtual cocktail party. You can enter a conversation, listen for a while, then drift to the next group. Clubhouse is not monetized or set up for advertising at this point, and it’s unclear how long it will be before it’s available to the general public, but it’s definitely something to keep on your radar!

4. WhatsApp

What’sApp is a free messaging app that has over a BILLION users worldwide and is super popular with the 24-44 demographic. Now What’sApp is making the move to monetize and actively looking for new ways for businesses to communicate with their users. Even though What’sApp doesn’t sell ads (yet), it’s still an incredible opportunity for your business.

You can send anything that includes a link- landing pages, product pages, videos- if you can link it, you can send it through What’sApp!

5. Reddit/Quora

Reddit and Quora have become a top source of information for almost any subject on the planet. They host thousands of individual topic-based communities and offer savvy marketers a place to connect with potential customers and share high-value content.

In order to use either of these sites as a marketing tool, you have to have the right goals. This isn’t a place for intense self-promotion, this is where you establish yourself as an authority in your field, gain exposure, and build a loyal following.

It takes time and dedication to build an audience on Reddit and Quora, but if you do it right you can solidify your reputation as the go-to authority in your field and secure an incredibly loyal following for your brand.

To learn more tips for getting started on these apps, check out the latest episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo and don’t forget to subscribe!


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