AI is Changing the
Way We Do Business
Sophie Zollmann
March 12, 2021

Using AI to boost your productivity and enhance your marketing efforts is one of the fastest growing trends for online businesses.

Businesses are already using AI to work smarter and improve their customer experience, and it’s working. 83% of early AI adopters are already seeing substantial economic benefits. And as AI improves, brands that don’t adopt it as part of their overall strategy will likely fall behind.

AI isn’t just for major corporations- it’s revolutionizing small business as well. Let’s look at marketing first. We’ve already said that AI allows you to customize your message and tailor your marketing to fit each segment of your target audience. That’s a good thing, because customer expectations are higher than ever.

Artificial Intelligence allows us to mine huge amounts of data to learn more about our customers. AI tells us who they are, what matters to them, and gives us incredible insight into their online behavior and buying preferences.

That wealth of knowledge helps us take personalized content marketing to the next level.

Personalization in marketing has become so commonplace that customers expect nothing less. They want advertising and content that’s geared specifically to their interests. If you’re going to convert potential customers, you have to appeal to their unique wants and needs.

AI has given us the ability to sort through all of that amazing social media data, find meaningful patterns, and use it to predict behavior and give our customers the personalized message they expect. It also allows us to give our customers a feel for our products before they buy.

AI not only improves our targeted marketing, it also streamlines our production process and enhances our customer service experience.

AI assistants can provide customer assistance by answering frequently asked questions or guiding customers through simple processes like billing or scheduling an appointment. Chatbots can handle large volumes of customers without needing a human presence. They can start a conversation with the customer and assess and identify the nature of the problem. They can then route the call to the correct department, or if it’s a simple issue, the chatbot can troubleshoot or complete manual tasks to resolve it.

It’s honestly kind of mind-blowing if you really stop to think about it. Not that long ago you would have had to do all of these tasks yourself or hire someone to do them for you. Now you’ve got countless programs available to take on tasks and free up tons of time!

It’s truly amazing to think about how far AI has come in just a few years- it has taken on so many manual tasks and saved us countless hours. AI has made it possible to run thriving businesses with only a few human team members, and we can only imagine what will be possible in the future!

If you want to learn more about what AI can do for your business and how to stay on top of the developing AI trends, check out this week’s episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo.


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