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Sophie Zollmann
April 23, 2021

Implementing your social media strategy requires the right tools for the job, and since technology moves lightning-fast, the best tools are constantly changing!

I’ve used a lot of different social media management programs over the years, and I love finding new favorites that I can’t wait to share. I know that every business is different, and we all have unique goals that determine our social media strategy. So, I thought it would be cool to explore all our different options based on our objectives. That means that not every tool we talk about today is going to be a good fit for your business, but I can guarantee that you’ll find at least a few that you absolutely love, so let’s dive in!

We’re going to start with people who need a really simple, time-saving solution to manage lots of social media platforms. If you’re currently juggling Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok, you’re going to love these!

  • Sprout Social

It’s the go-to for all-in-one social media management. You can use Sprout Social to generate leads, manage your contacts, connect with your audience, streamline publishing across multiple platforms, and collaborate in real time.

  • Buffer

Buffer is great because it offers one-step post scheduling across multiple platforms. Its automated publishing and content management features are HUGE time savers. It’s also really easy to use and it has great analytics features that help drive meaningful engagement and real results.

Larger businesses or ones that are focused on scaling might need tech that’s a little more powerful. For you, I’d recommend:

  • Hootsuite

Great for larger teams. Hootsuite allows your team to communicate securely across all devices and all departments. They can work together to manage profiles, engage with customers, and generate revenue.

  • HubSpot

If you’ve got a small to mid-size business that’s on its way up, HubSpot might be a good choice for you- especially if you rely heavily on email marketing to increase your client base. HubSpot Marketing is part of the HubSpot CRM platform. When used together, it can align your strategy and your sales to improve your ROI. You can create your publications, build and manage your lists, create and schedule social media posts, and analyze your efforts all in one place.

Many business owners struggle with content creation because they simply don’t have the time. For businesses that rely on a lot of curated content, I recommend MeetEdgar.

  • MeetEdgar

It can generate and post new content automatically using your evergreen content. It also curates fresh content by finding quotes, blogs, and text that match your message. And it has easy to use content calendars so you can schedule posts and manage content across multiple platforms.

For business owners who predominately use visual marketing strategies, I have two options that I really love:

  • Later

It helps you visually curate, plan, and manage post scheduling and auto publishing across all your social media platforms. If you have a lot of user generated content, Later helps you gather it across platforms. It also helps drive growth and engagement by offering hashtag suggestions and recommendations on the best time to post.

  • TailWind

TailWind is perfect for bloggers and brand-builders that focus their social media efforts on Pinterest and Instagram. You can design your own pins or curate pins directly from Instagram or Pinterest. Analytics features allow you to track your follower growth, monitor conversations, amplify your reach, and measure your results. Lifestyle bloggers, Etsy artists- anyone that markets their products or brand via Pinterest and Instagram should checkout TailWind.

Last, but certainly not least- my current favorite tool for high-level social media management…

  • Sendible

This is hands-down the EASIEST way to manage multiple brands across multiple platforms. It has options for social media engagement, monitoring, publishing, lead generation and reporting. It has automation features that simplify the process of driving interactions, growing your following, and starting conversations. Sendible is seriously the ULTIMATE engagement tool for building your connection with your customers.

Your goals and objectives determine which technology is the best fit for your business, and these options are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more, check out the latest episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo.


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