Strategies for Fearless Leaders
Sophie Zollmann
July 30, 2021

Building an empire requires dedication, motivation, and fearless leadership. You can’t maintain a thriving business without a strong team that’s just as invested in your success as you are- and teams with that level of commitment start with top-notch leaders.

Today, I want to talk about some strategies for leading and motivating your team. Great leadership comes from within, so we’re also going to talk about ways to motivate yourself and set a great example for your team.

Step 1: Choose the Right Team and Tools

• Building a strong team starts with choosing the right people for the job. You need to begin the hiring process with a clear idea of the skill sets you’re looking for. Then you must continue to nurture and develop those skills once you’ve brought your new team members onboard.

• You also need the right tools. Teamwork software provides a central location where everyone works together to complete tasks. Choose one with dedicated channels for each project- that way nothing falls through the cracks, documents don’t get lost, and the whole team stays on track and on the same page.

• Make sure your communication skills are in tip-top shape. As the leader, you are responsible for giving assignments, setting expectations, and making sure your team has everything they need to complete their tasks.

Step 2- Keep Motivation High

• Make listening a priority. Schedule check-ins with every team member on a weekly or monthly basis. Designate that time to be open to your team and ready to hear whatever they have to say.

• Build trust among your team by giving them space to do their work on their own timetable. Micromanaging tells your team that you don’t really think they can do the job your hired them to do.

• Another great way to keep your team motivated and inspired is to always act as their biggest cheerleader. Give them the chance to shine! Challenge them with new tasks that you think would be a great fit for their incredible talents. And tell them why you chose them.

• Always acknowledge a job well done- within the team and in front of customers. When a member of your team does something exceptional- take the time to show your appreciation. When a client compliments you on a job well done, be sure to include your team’s contribution in your thanks.

• True leadership emerges when you can take the blame without throwing your team member under the bus. If a mistake is made, or something doesn’t happen as it should, it’s up to you as the team leader to shoulder the blame.

• You also have to keep a cool head when everything goes off the rails. A fearless leader solves problems without breaking a sweat. They’ll know that they can count on you and look to you for guidance in any situation.

Step 3- Set a Great Example

• The absolute best way to motivate your team is to model the behaviors and work ethic you’d like to see from them. Nobody is inspired by “do what I say, not what I do.” You need to talk the talk AND walk the walk.

• You must be positive, excited about new challenges, and open to new ideas. When you model that attitude, your team will follow suit.

• Manage your time wisely and prioritize your daily tasks. When you set goals and plan your day, you accomplish more. When you’re a master of time management, your team learns from you and the whole company benefits.

• You should also respect their time and yours outside of working hours. Everybody has a life outside of their job, and your team shouldn’t be made to feel that they’re always on call. Keep phone calls and emails to a minimum after work.

When you make good leadership one of your top priorities, your team will be far more committed to your business and invested in its success. You will be a true team that works together to create a business that benefits everyone. If you’d like to learn more about leading, motivating, and encouraging your team, tune in to this week’s episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo.


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