Be the Guardian of Your Time and Energy
Sophie Zollmann
December 31, 2021

Is it possible to have it all – success, money, and the ability to make an impact doing what you love – without sacrificing your time and energy?

Yes – and Britt Bolnick can tell you how!

Britt is my wonderful friend and colleague, and she is also the founder of In Arms Coaching, the co-founder of Pittie Posse Rescue, a best-selling author, mom, wife, and world traveler!

She took time out of her busy life to visit Building Your Empire with SophieZo to share her secrets to guarding your valuable time and energy so you can do ALL the things you love!

Britt describes herself as the “gatekeeper” of her time. She fiercely protects her free time and makes it one of her priorities, and yet she still managed to build a thriving coaching business, establish a pit bull rescue, write multiple books, and spend time with her family.

How did she do it?

Some of Britt’s solutions are really practical – delegate to your team so you take more tasks off of your plate and create more unstructured time in your day, but she also talks about the mental aspect of protecting your time.

Britt says we have to look at our own personal attachment to “the cult of busy.” You know what she means, right? That constant feeling that we must be productive every single moment, fill every hour, constantly go, go, go, until we’re left exhausted, frustrated, and completely burned out?

Overcoming that need to define your worth and value by how much you DO is the first step to fiercely guarding your time and creating more of it.

Britt says that you must recognize the true priorities in your life – the things that feed you energy rather than draining it. Focus on things that you give back more energy than you put in – whether it’s work that inspires you, your family, or other skills that you’re passionate about – and delegate the rest.

Britt saves her time, energy, and focus for the things that speak to her heart, and that’s how she’s able to grow her business without giving up what really matters.

Pretty great advice, right? To hear more, check out this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo. Then visit to learn more about Britt and check out the link to her latest bestselling book!


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