Kendall SummerHawk Teaches You How to Think Like a Million-Dollar Business Owner
Sophie Zollmann
January 28, 2022

Kendall SummerHawk, creative founder of the #1 coach certification academy, believes that women business owners often have a complicated relationship with money.

Kendall says that women get used to having “just enough” money in their accounts, and that can make it very difficult to shift your mentality to that of a successful 7-figure business owner.

Luckily, Kendall has found a way to break out of the scarcity mindset, and she uses her knowledge to help thousands of women identify their money blocks, work through them and diminish their power, and make more money!

She joined me on the podcast recently, and when I asked Kendall her number one piece of advice for business owners who are ready to make the leap to 7 figures, her answer was deceptively simple:

“Raise your prices.”

It seems obvious, but it goes much deeper than just a number.

  • Kendall points out that the vast majority (maybe even 100%!) of women business owners under charge and over deliver. They start small and try to build up their profits rather than starting out offering premiere services at premium prices.

  • She encourages women to start at the top and be willing to take a close look at their relationship with money. She understands that it takes time to get comfortable with having more money than you absolutely need in your bank account, and she believes that allowing yourself time to experience that feeling helps you shift into the mindset of a woman that has more than enough.

  • Kendall also reminds women entrepreneurs to surround themselves with people who believe in them, and the value of what they’re offering. Seek out advice from high-level mentors that provide premium services – they’ll help you start thinking like a million-dollar business owner and teach you how to make decisions like a million-dollar business owner.

Check out this episode to hear more of Kendall’s exceptional advice, then visit  to access Kendall’s free pricing guide designed specifically for women who want to be business coaches.

While you’re there, sign up to be a member of the Tribe of Courageous Coaches! This Facebook group is a gathering place for advice on money, business set-up, and coaching skills, and you can even participate in live sessions every Tuesday.


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