Mapping Your Success with Tracy Roesch Williams
Sophie Zollmann
April 1, 2022

You would never set off on an epic journey without a map, right?

Of course not! You’d never to get to your ultimate destination if you didn’t have a guide to point you in the right direction.

So why would you try to reach your goals for your business without a map to get you there?

Tracy Roesch Williams is the founder of Alaska Tracy, a business mastermind program that helps women who are seeking calmness and clarity achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. She uses her platform to teach entrepreneurs her vision mapping system that leads them from their initial ideas to their ultimate goal through a series of action steps.

She sat down recently with me on the podcast to share her vision mapping process that helps you reach any goal you set for your business.

Tracy says that business owners often have a goal in mind, but they lack the plan to actually get there. They’re in a hurry to get to that million-dollar mark, but they haven’t considered the steps that make it happen. That’s where Tracy and her vision mapping system save the day!

Your vision map is a written, detailed plan that guides you along the way, and it’s incredibly easy to get started. A good vision map begins with clarity and intention – you have to know where you want to end up before you can begin your journey!

Tracy outlined the steps to create your own vision map:

  • Step 1 – Listen to Your Heart

You must tap in and listen to your heart first and foremost, and then you can connect that vision to your brain by creating action steps to get to the goal.

Ask yourself why you want to accomplish this goal? Who will it help? How will it bring in money? As you start mapping the action steps, you may find that it reshapes your end goal, or changes it entirely. That’s awesome! Setting your intentions and mapping the steps ensure that you’re pursuing goals that REALLY matter to you.

  • Step 2 – Map Your Steps

Once you’ve set your intentions, it’s time to start charting the course to your goal. Let your intentions guide you – you’re more likely to put in the work when you know the “why” behind it.  Be specific and include plenty of details.

  • Step 3 – Be Accountable

Once you’ve created your action steps, decide who will help keep you accountable as you move forward.

Whether you choose a one-on-one coach or a mastermind group of like-minded entrepreneurs, you’ll need someone that will help you stay on track or pivot when necessary. Shit will inevitably hit the fan at some point, and you’ll be grateful you have the support you need to get back on the right path.

No matter what goal you set, a vision map with clear goals and actionable steps is the most effective way to take your business to the top!

Check out this episode to hear more of Tracy Roesch Williams’ awesome advice, then check out Alaska Tracy to learn more about her quarterly women’s mastermind program.

You can also connect with Tracy and her community of visionary business owners by joining her Women’s Success Community Facebook group.


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