The Smell of Success with Carolyn Dunne
Sophie Zollmann
May 6, 2022

Carolyn Dunne approaches business as an artist.

As the founder of Escentuelle, she uses her skills as a scent artist and jeweler to lead individuals on a path of self-discovery, where they can explore their own creativity and create talismans that amplify their intentions for the person they want to be and the life they want to lead.

So many entrepreneurs approach their business from a mental standpoint – they’re focused on coming up with the next big idea, closing the next big deal, or bringing in more money. And while these things are very important, they don’t leave a lot of room for the emotions and creativity that play just as big a role in driving your success.

Carolyn understands the technical side of business, but her approach focuses more on the person, the mindset, and the emotion that helps you propel tasks forward in a joyful way to reach your goal faster.

Using scent as her artistic medium, she teaches business owners how to use elements of nature and the world around them to help them connect with their senses and open themselves to greater possibility.

Scent is a powerful thing. It has the ability to evoke memories, emotions, and strong feelings, but who would’ve thought that a fragrance could actually have the power to make you more successful?!

She uses her talents to create scents that help individuals be in the moment, picture what it feels like to accomplish their goals, and start living their lives as though they’ve already achieved the intentions that they’ve set for themselves.

Carolyn shares so many fascinating details on how she uses customized fragrances to help business owners manifest their intentions and accomplish their goals, and you can listen to it all here.

Once you’ve listened, you’re DEFINITELY going to want to check out Carolyn’s business at and discover how you can use your senses to help you set intentions for the goals you want to achieve. 


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