Closing Starts with Connections
Sophie Zollmann
July 1, 2022

Cat Stancik is an organic lead generation expert, and she’s got some great advice for entrepreneurs who want to form a stronger connection with potential clients:


“So many entrepreneurs have been told that they’re too much, or not enough, and always in the wrong situation. But for me, the tide really turned when I really leaned into what I was gifted at instead of following ‘I should be doing this,’ or ‘That looks like it makes money.‘”

Cat advises business owners to leverage the strategies that align with who you really are rather than forcing yourself to align with strategies that look like they’re working but would never actually work for you or your ideal clients.

Cat says you have to ask yourself, who are you connecting with? How are you having that conversation? How are you inviting someone in and closing them?

Once you’ve analyzed how you’re connecting with new leads, you’re ready to build the framework for conversion.

It’s a 3-step process:

  • Connect

Cat likes to use “firework experiences” to create strong connections with new leads. These experiences are the things that bring your people to you. The people that see you as the authority you are, want to hear more from you, and ultimately want to buy.

  • Converse

Leads aren’t JUST potential clients. You have to look at them as humans, learn how they show up in the world, and figure out the opportunities for an energetic exchange.

  • Close

This takes time! Some leads might be ready to buy right away, but others might take years before they’re ready to close.

Focus on creating a “marketing hug” – a warm, welcoming community of people that knows that you’re not pushing them to buy, but you’re ready to embrace them whenever they’re ready.

According to Cat, when you stop trying to be a version of yourself that everyone expects you to be, and lean into your true strengths, great things happen.

“All these things started happening and it was because I stopped living by societal expectations of what a woman should and shouldn’t do, how she should and shouldn’t be, and just took life by the horns and started living it on my own terms.”

To learn more about authentic lead generation, check out this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo. Then take advantage of an awesome opportunity to connect with Cat Stancik and other like-minded entrepreneurs by signing up to attend one her podcasting mixers at!


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