Success and the Sweet Life with Angela Santi
Sophie Zollmann
July 22, 2022

Who wouldn’t want to live la Dolce Vita???

Dolce Vita means “the sweet life”, and it’s been the signature lifestyle of the Italian people for centuries. Italian-born Angela Santi is a one-of-a-kind business and lifestyle consultant, and she’s built her entire business on the concept of Dolce Vita.

“It means slow down, relax, enjoy the moment, live your life to the fullest. No matter what, be kind to yourself.”

Angela realizes that this may be counterintuitive to many Americans in today’s hectic world, but she swears that the REAL secret to success is to work less and enjoy your life more.

But can you truly get ahead by slowing down?

Absolutely! Not only has Angela benefitted from a Dolce Vita approach, but she has also empowered passionate, overloaded, overwhelmed business owners worldwide to live a blissful, meaningful life without losing momentum for their success.

“Italians are very hard workers and very successful. When it’s time to work hard, we work hard, and then – oh, excuse me, it’s 6:00 and I have to go have a party with my friends… So, you go out, you connect, you have fun, then you go back to whatever you were doing.”

Sounds amazing, right? Angela lays out the steps to add some Dolce Vita to your life:

  • Think About What You’re Missing

Angela says we all have hobbies or something we love to do that we’ve neglected because we’re just too busy. To live la Dolce Vita, you must reconnect with the things you love. Angela says you need to schedule time for your hobbies during your day and week. And if that seems impossible right now, try dedicating some time to doing what you love first thing in the morning, even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes. Dolce Vita begins with prioritizing what makes you happy.

  • Prioritize YOUR Time

When was the last time you had a day off? Or a weekend with no work? Or an entire week to do whatever you want?? You have to make time for yourself every day. It’s okay to start small- maybe schedule a 10-minute break a couple of times a day and work your way up. Build more and more free time into your week until you have your weekends back. You might even be able to dedicate a full week out of every month to honing your creativity and living the sweet life!

  • Build Connections

Not just business connections! Angela encourages business owners to go outside their business and connect with people in a lighthearted, organic way. These outside connections foster your soft skills and leave you better equipped to engage and connect with your team in a more meaningful way.

  • Lead by Example

Angela says, “The way you show up in your business determines your work environment, your work culture, and how people feel and live there. If you are stressed and unsatisfied, people feel it and they want to go away. So, creating a great environment for your people where they feel seen, heard, and trusted means they become self-motivated and much more attached to your vision and the company.”

For more of Angela’s great advice on working less, living more, and embracing the Dolce Vita lifestyle, check out this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo, then check out to learn more!


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