Soul-Led Success with Lisa Dadd
Sophie Zollmann
July 29, 2022

You’ve heard all the advice about growing your business:

“Be authentic…”

“Do the hard things first…”

“Step outside your comfort zone…”

They’re all good concepts, but Lisa Dadd thinks it goes much deeper than that. Lisa is the creator of the Soul Language diagnostic tool and the Soul Sales method, and she works with innovative leaders to integrate an awareness of who they are at their core into the way they do business.

She says that the ability to make the leap to the next level starts with one thing: radical self-awareness.

Lisa believes that the ability to grow begins when you can recognize your natural talents – whether that’s great leadership ability, awesome communication skills, or boundless creativity – and translate it into how you show up in your business.

“I think when we have a radical sense of who we are at our core, it allows us permission to shine where we can shine.”

Radical self-awareness becomes possible when you:

  • Listen to Your Soul

    Your soul is speaking to you every day. It might whisper, yell, or smack you in the head- the key is listening to what it has to say.

    Lisa advises, “When you feel like you’re really in your groove, and in the zone, and things are just flying – that’s your soul talking to you.”
  • Recognize Your Comfort Zone

    We’ve all been told that you have to go outside your comfort zone to grow, but Lisa believes that there is huge potential for growth INSIDE your comfort zone.

    She wants to help her clients get back to the space inside them that feels really good, releases their flow, and the talents that they want to master more because it brings them joy.
  • Channel Your Sense of Self into Your Business

    If you got to this point in your business, you already have a good sense of self-awareness, so now it’s time to ask, “What’s next?”

    When you identify the next level or layer, you begin to translate that into the growth needed to meet your goals.

Growth begins when you embrace who you are, master that, and give yourself permission to let go of needing to be everything.

For more of Lisa Dadd’s paradigm-shifting insights, check out this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo, then visit and send Lisa an email telling her you want to learn more!


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