Talking Teamwork with Kathy Goughenour
Sophie Zollmann
September 9, 2022

When I sat down for my chat with Kathy Goughenour, it felt like she was reading my mind!

Kathy is the founder of Virtual Expert Training, teaching virtual professionals how to become highly paid virtual experts, and she’s all about building the team that takes you to the top!

She and I have built our businesses on the same founding principles – you need plenty of support if you want to build a 6-7 figure and beyond business, and Kathy knows your team is your biggest investment.

“Stop thinking about hiring a virtual professional or independent contractor as an expense and realize that when you hire somebody who’s really good at what they do, you’re hiring somebody who is going to be a profit generator for your business.”

Every successful business owner has a team backing them up, but the size of your team depends on your current business model, and your goals going forward.

Kathy has some great advice to help you decide if you’d be better off hiring a full team, or if one or two virtual professionals will be enough for now.

– If you don’t have the time or know-how to figure out how to build and run your own team of individuals, stick with a ready-made team.

– A full team takes the stress out of hiring – it’s already put together, somebody else is running it, and you don’t have to worry about it!

– If you’re a builder or creator, not a problem solver or doer, you’ll need a full team to implement your vision for your business.

– If you’ve got big dreams and want to achieve them quickly, a bigger team can make it happen. Remember – the team that got you to $100,000 won’t get you to $1 million.
– You’re ready for growth, but you’re taking it slowly.

– You want to try working with 1-2 people, but you’re not ready to hand ALL of the day-to-day over to a team.

– You don’t have a ton of tasks to delegate. (Yet!)

– You want to scale steadily, and you plan to hire on an as-needed basisYou have the time and desire to train each new hire as they join your team

WHO you hire matters even more than HOW you hire – and Kathy’s got that covered! She’s created a directory of virtual experts designed to match businesses with their perfect team at any level! You can find it at


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