Are You Speaking Your Customer’s Language?
Sophie Zollmann
November 4, 2022

Sara Phillips KNOWS how to sell.

With a highly successful sales career stretching over 40 years, she’s seen it all, so she put her years of experience to work as a powerhouse sales coach!

Sara specializes in delivering sales training that empowers her clients to sell confidently and comfortably to create a consistent income at whatever level they desire.

When most entrepreneurs think about sales, they automatically think, “numbers”. Charts, graphs, and KPI’s can tell you about your sales, but they can’t help you make the sale!

Sara knows that successful sales start with people, and the secret to a higher sales rate begins with learning about people and personalities.

“My advice is to do anything you can do to improve your ability to connect and communicate with people on a higher level by understanding who they are and what their values are. That will help you uplevel your business dramatically.”

According to Sara, the average salesperson closes 20-30% of their sales, and most of those conversions happen with clients that think just like you. But what if you knew how to adapt your sales style to meet the values and needs of other personality types?

You guessed it – your success rate would soar!!

Sara shared 3 steps that help you close the deal:

  1. Take Yourself Out of the Sales Process

    Making the sale isn’t about you, it’s about your customer. Your goal going into the sales process is to find out what they want and deliver it.

    When you’re consistently delivering solutions, people trust you and enjoy working with you. They’ll keep coming back AND they’ll refer you to others.

  2. Build the Trust Factor

    There are so many scams and shoddy businesses running rampant, and that makes trust and accountability more important than ever.

    A flawless reputation and a high trust factor are imperative to scaling your business and getting new clients.

  3. Speak Their Language

    You’re great at what you do, but you won’t make the sale if you don’t know how to relate the value of your services to potential clients in a way that makes them want to buy.

    You have to pitch your skills in a way that speaks to their needs, values, and personality type. When you understand who they are and what they want, you can figure out what you need to do and say to make them say, “YES!” to doing business with you.

Get more of Sara Phillip’s expert advice on speaking to potential clients in a language they understand in this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo.

Then, if you’re ready to upgrade your sales skills, visit Sara at to book a FREE discovery planning session. Sara is also throwing in a FREE profile review that will help you increase your visibility and boost your success!


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