5 Steps to SCALE
Sophie Zollmann
November 18, 2022

Jay Razzouk is a corporate attorney and the founder of ProSCALE Legal. He’s created a turnkey framework to help coaches, influencers, and mastermind leaders boost profits, scale their business, and build lifelong relationships while protecting their legacy.

He stopped by the podcast to share his simple, 5-step SCALE method to take your business to 7 figures and beyond!

 Building a bigger, better business requires 5 important things:

  • Structures

Before you can make the leap to the next level, you need to have the right structures in place. You need good contracts and legal terms that protect your intellectual property, trademarks, and the copyrighted materials that are at the heart of your business.

  • Community

Building the right community is the foundation of your success, and every CEO knows that having the right team is critical. It’s important to screen new hires, as well as clients and vendors, to ensure that they’re a great fit for your business.

  • Actions

You can’t scale until you’ve implemented the right daily actions. Policies and procedures are the building blocks to the next level of success. When you have policies in place, you’re able to delegate without worry and you’re not spending your valuable time training others. Clear policies and procedures also protect you from potential legal issues in the future.

  • Loss Limiters

You can’t grow your business if you’re losing money! Take the steps to protect your assets by getting great insurance coverage for your business. Different companies need different coverage. For example, brick and mortar businesses need liability insurance, but an online consulting business might need errors and omissions insurance. Meet with a trusted broker to determine what kind of insurance is best for your business.  

  • Enlightened Mindset

You can only build a strong community if you’re dedicated to treating people right. Jay sums it up like this, “If you’re focused on loving people and treating them well, you’re going to build great lifelong relationships.”

When you’re scaling your business, you’re growing in 3 important dimensions – financially, relationally, and geographically – and that increases your potential for legal complications down the road.

Jay wants to help you be prepared for anything, so he’s inviting you to check out his monthly Leaders Legal Session that gives you great advice and updates on legal issues and changes that could affect your business. Visit to learn more and tune in to this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo to get more of Jay’s great advice!


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