5 Key People You Need on Your Team
Sophie Zollmann
January 20, 2023

If you’re going to reach the next level of success, you’re going to need a killer team backing you up!

You rely on your team to keep projects running smoothly, grow your business, and get shit done, so you need smart, hard-working, creative experts to fill every vital role.

Your team can truly make or break your business, so let’s talk about what it takes to assemble a spectacular, next-level team.

Here are your 5 key players:

  1. The Visionary Leader

    You’ve already got one – YOU! You are the woman or man with the plan. You have a clear vision for your dream business, and the drive to overcome every obstacle standing between you and your goals. You’re ready to lead your team fearlessly into the future, and they’re excited to follow you wherever you go!

  2. The Strategist

    You know where you’re going, but the strategist will tell you how to get there! The strategist builds the action plan that turns your dreams for your business into reality. They’re mapping and implementing the steps to every goal you set and charting the course to meteoric success!

  3. The Communicator

    Somebody has to do the talking! Successful businesses rely on clear communication to keep everything running smoothly. The communicator’s role is to ensure that information is relayed clearly so projects can stay on track while also keeping your customers informed and happy.

  4. The Analyst

    The analyst has a nose for numbers and they’re keeping your business on the right track. The analyst gathers data, studies your metrics, and keeps up with your progress. They’re the ones that determine if you’re on track to meet your goals, and they’ll be the ones to give you a head’s up if it’s time to course correct or go in a different direction.

  5. The Workhorse(s)

    Big thinking alone won’t take you to the top. Next level success requires lots of hard work and that means you need a team of work horses to pull the weight. You need strong workers in all the vital areas of your business because they’re the ones that ALWAYS get the job done.

Assembling an awesome team is the first step on the path to your dream business, and I’ve taken all the guesswork out of hiring a talented team! If you’d like to see what the all-in-one marketing and operations experts at SophieZo can do for your business, check out

You can learn more about the 5 key players on your team in this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a single business building tip!


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