Thinking About a Tech Upgrade? Start here!
Sophie Zollmann
January 18, 2024

Technology – whether you love it or hate it, your tech stack is one of the most important cornerstones of your business framework.

If you’re a tech aficionado, you’re probably up to date on the latest and greatest tech. You know which software and apps have the features and customization options to streamline your processes, upgrade your efficiency and send your productivity soaring, and your tech stack is always on the cutting edge.

But if you’re like many busy CEOs, updating your tech might often fall to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list…

I get it! Updating your tech stack can feel like a monumental task. Technology changes quickly, and it can be hard to keep up! And chances are, you don’t have a limitless tech budget that allows you to jump on every new bandwagon. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make room in your budget for the tech updates that keep your business running like a well-oiled growth machine.

You need tech tools that are up-to-date, lightning fast, and user friendly, but you also want to get the most bang for your buck! If you’re considering a tech upgrade, here are the areas where you’ll see the biggest return on your investment:

  • CRM Software

Your customer retention management (CRM) software is the workhorse of your business. It helps you manage and organize your customer data, interactions, preferences, and purchase history all in one place. It automates repetitive tasks and boosts your ability to create targeted marketing campaigns that hit the mark with each segment of your audience and makes retargeting a snap.

The analytics features offered in your CRM software can offer key insights into the health of your business, help you identify areas of improvement, and empower you to make data-driven decisions for your business that promote growth and sustainable success.

  • Cybersecurity

Your customers need to know that their personal information is safe! If they trust you with credit cards and other sensitive information, you want them to know that you take security VERY seriously.

Every business owner wants to avoid the logistical nightmare of a data breach, so upgrading security on your payment portals and other sources of customer data should be a priority.

  • Automation Tools

Yes, your CRM software offers some great automation options, but don’t stop there! Anything that automates repetitive tasks and frees up your team for more important pursuits is worth investigating.

Do some research on the best automation tools including collaborative work apps that streamline team communication and provide a centralized location for project assets to be shared, project management software, or even AI tools like chatbots for customer support.

The harder your tech works, the faster your business can grow, so don’t hesitate to try out new tech tools that might be a great fit for your business. Most of them offer free trials, so if you find that it’s not really what your company needs, you won’t be out a dime!

When you combine the top tech with a highly skilled business support team, your business becomes unstoppable! Learn more about how the plug-and-play business experts at SophieZo can take you to the next level of success at


  1. Owen Greaves


    This can become a broad topic, I think there are deeper layers to the top of this stack. Depending on what you’re infrastructure is of course. Security, backups, hosting all play a role in this as well, in my humble opinion. I think, in time, AI is going to dominate many of these areas, changing the landscape of stacks.

    Just thought I would add a couple thoughts.

    • Sophie Zollmann


      Yes this topic is a big one that can cover so many things. A deep dive into what the client has, doesn’t have, works, doesn’t work is the first step to getting them all “teched” out.


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