3 Things You NEED to Know about Your Target Audience
Sophie Zollmann
April 4, 2024

How well do you know your target audience?

The more you know about your target audience, the stronger your marketing initiatives will be. It’s not enough to gather the basic demographic facts, you’ve got to do a deep dive into your audiences’ wants, needs, beliefs, buying habits, and more to successfully craft a marketing message that hits the target with every audience segment.

Before you launch your next campaign, here are 3 important things to add to your market research.

  • Psychology

    What drives your audience? What are the values and core principles that guide their decision-making? What pain points are they experiencing, and how will your products or services solve them?
    The more you understand about the motivations that drive your ideal customer’s buying behaviors, the more you can tailor your marketing message to resonate with each segment of your target audience.

  • Lifestyle

    You’ve done the basic research. You know who you’re targeting, how old they are, and where they live, but do you know how they live?
    Take the time to research their hobbies and how they spend their leisure time. Investigate their spending habits. Do they focus their spending on material possessions, or do they prioritize experiences over possessions? This gives you great insight into customer priorities and expectations.

  • Media Habits

    The more you know about your audience’s media consumption habits, the better prepared you are to meet them on their preferred channels.
    You need to research your ideal clients’ preferred social media platforms, their podcast preferences, tv viewing behavior, the times they’re likely to be online, and more to discover the best communication channels for your marketing message.

In-depth market research builds a solid foundation for your marketing success. Discover the all-in-one team of marketing experts at SophieZo that always hit the mark! Visit to meet the team that takes you to the top!


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