Online Business Is for
Everyone – Even Santa!
Sophie Zollmann
December 13, 2019

The numbers are in. This year’s Black Friday sales were some of the biggest in history, and 65% of purchases came from online shopping. We’ve known for a while that the world is growing more digital by the day, and the sharp increase in online spending sends a clear message – get online or get left behind.

Most businesses have embraced the online trend (at least, the successful ones have). But if you think a simple website and a stagnant Facebook page are enough to keep you competitive, we’ve got some bad news…

To stay on top in today’s market, you need an engaging, active, visible online presence. Your business has to be at the top of the Google search results. Your logo should make a regular appearance in your audience’s social media news feeds. And your website can’t just exist, it has to captivate your clients, draw them in and provide all the useful information they could possibly need. Online business is where it’s at, and your business needs to be on board.

Taking your business online isn’t just a way to keep up with your competition, it also opens you up to a world of helpful tools and apps that keep your business running seamlessly. From organizing your orders to streamlining your process, online business is easier and more convenient than ever. Every business could benefit – Even the man of the hour, the big guy himself, Santa Claus!

Imagine how much easier his demanding job would be if he took the North Pole online:

  • It would streamline the Christmas list process. Forget snail mail – Santa needs email! Lists are submitted instantly and can be immediately organized into a database. No more lost letters or disappointed children!

  • Santa can communicate with his team easily. With online business, the Elf on the Shelf won’t have to fly back to the North Pole every night to give his naughty or nice report. Imagine the travel savings!

  • Santa can stay visible to his audience year-round on social media. Forget the slow season – Santa’s sharing his vacation on Instagram and staying connected to his followers all year long!

  • Social media also lets Santa keep an eye on his audience to see who’s being naughty and nice. No need to make a list and check it twice, he’ll just check your Facebook profile.

  • Santa can go online to stay on top of trends and predict next year’s hottest toys. The elves will appreciate the opportunity to get the jump on their busy production season.

  • Santa will have plenty of tools and apps to help him source the best deals on supplies and materials. He can even use apps to plan the most convenient route around the world – nobody wants Santa stuck in traffic!

Taking his business online would definitely make things easier for Santa, but he’ll still need plenty of help. SophieZo is ready to go with a plug and play team that’s always on the nice list. Book a call today to see how SophieZo can make your online business better!


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