Making Your Brand Memorable
Sophie Zollmann
May 1, 2020

Social media is the most powerful communication tool for online business. Now more than ever, brands are using social media to keep in touch with their customers, keep them updated, and keep them interested in products and services. Keeping your brand on your customers’ minds requires a memorable social media presence. There are 5 things you can do to make your profile stand out:

1. Post Often

If you want your brand to be memorable, it has to be visible! Keep your social media profile active and engaging. Regularly share stories, updates, pictures and videos. If you’re running low on content, go back to your archives and find evergreen blogs and articles that could make the rounds again. Post consistently so your customers will know that they can count on you for interesting, helpful, entertaining content every time they log in.

2. Let the real You Shine Through

You have a unique personality and a style all your own, and everything you post should reflect that! Your signature look and voice makes your brand memorable, so you should keep it consistent throughout your content. Share what makes you special! Your funny quirks, favorite things, signature phrases and more are all a part of the wonderful package that draws your customers in and makes you memorable, so show them off!

3. Make an Offer

People love free stuff, and they remember the brands that give them the goods. What can you offer your customers? It could be a free course or webinar, a helpful checklist or guide, or even just an awesome discount code. You’ll stand out to your customers if you give them something they value.

4. Keep Communication Flowing

When somebody comments on your post, ALWAYS respond. Answer questions quickly, and don’t hesitate to give outstanding clients a shout-out. Engagement and communication are the cornerstones of genuine, long-lasting relationships. Social media gives you the opportunity to connect and communicate in real time, so take advantage of it!

5. Be Their Biggest Fan

It’s not enough to just respond to comments on your own posts. If someone follows you, follow them back and cheer on their accomplishments! Likes and comments show that you genuinely care about your customers and that you truly value them. Earning your customers’ loyalty by building relationships is the best way to keep your brand in the forefront of their minds. After all- we always remember the people that believe in us and cheer us on!

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