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Sophie Zollmann
May 15, 2020

Marketing is a critical part of the ongoing success of your business. Whether you’re trying to bring in new customers, or keep your existing ones coming back, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy and top-notch skills. That can be tough on small businesses that don’t have a ton of extra time or a dedicated marketing department. Luckily, there are several programs that make it easy for companies of any size to handle their CRM and create fantastic marketing materials that keep them competitive.

There are countless programs available, but these 3 are standouts:

1. Kajabi or Kartra

  • Build sales funnels and landing pages quickly and easily
  • Includes easy to edit blueprints and templates for pages and funnels
  • Lots of customizable features to create the look and style that fits your brand
  • Great for generating new leads and following up with website visitors

2. ActiveCampaign

  • Fantastic engagement tool
  • Easy to customize and personalize messages for targeted marketing
  • Offers countless pre-built automations
  • Lots of features for email marketing automation, tagging, and audience segmentation

  3. MailChimp

  • Great for designing and managing marketing campaigns
  • Helps you manage your contact list and segment groups for targeted marketing
  • Allows you to manage campaigns across multiple platforms
  • Easy to design beautiful, professional emails, newsletters, landing pages and more


Attorneys have specialized marketing needs, and there are programs designed specifically for them. Here are two that work really well for solo practitioners or small to mid-size firms.

1. Lawmatics

  • Simplifies lead generation and cultivation
  • Allows you to instantly engage inbound leads and increase conversion rates
  • Highly customizable marketing automation, intake management, custom forms, reporting, e-signatures, and more

2. Clio

  • Outstanding case management features
  • Easy to track client fees and expenses
  • Highly customizable features for managing invoices and financial reporting

You have all the tools you need to create beautiful marketing materials and outstanding campaigns, and the team at SophieZo is ready to help you put them to work! Book a call today to learn how our marketing experts can help you elevate your marketing strategy and keep your brand competitive!


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