Share Your Skills
Sophie Zollmann
May 29, 2020

You are great at what you do. The years spent honing your skills have made you a leader in your industry. You’ve put your skills to work and built a thriving business- now what?

There are countless ways to share the wealth of knowledge you’ve amassed and let others benefit from your experience (and make money doing it!) You just have to choose the method that best suits your talents. Consider your skills and think about what you do best.

If you’re a great teacher:

  • Offer consulting
  • Offer an online course
  • Host a webinar

If you enjoy public speaking:

  • Lead sessions at industry conferences
  • Speak to local business organizations
  • Participate in podcasts or start your own

If you’re an excellent writer:

  • Start a blog
  • Publish articles or guest blog
  • Create a how-to guide
  • Answer Q&As in industry Facebook Groups
  • Write a book

If you’re ready to seek new opportunities to share your skills, book a call with SophieZo. We can help you with the planning process, marketing strategy, copywriting, editing and more.  Whatever you need for your new adventure, the team at SophieZo is here for you!


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