Who Is Your Ideal Client?
Sophie Zollmann
August 7, 2020

Acquiring new clients is a huge challenge for many businesses. Frustrated business owners often find themselves wasting time and money pursuing clients that never quite pan out. It’s a lot easier to up your client acquisition game when you have a clear picture of your ideal client and a deep understanding of what they want and need.

Ideal client profiles can be a game changer for growing businesses. Rather than wasting time on less likely prospects, you’ll be able to hone your marketing strategy to appeal specifically to the prospective clients that have the most promise.

An ideal client profile may feature a fictional character, but all the details are based on real data collected through extensive research. There are several steps to creating an ideal client profile.

Identify your top clients

These are current clients that are highly profitable. You have a great long-term relationship with them, and you love working with them. They pay on time, provide great feedback, and are loyal to your brand. These are the clients that make you love your job, so you want more of them!

Do your research

This requires a deep dive into your CRM data and interviews with your current clients. You’ll gather detailed demographic information, as well as collect anecdotal evidence through interviews and customer feedback. You’ll learn more about your clients’ business, their roles, and what a typical day looks like. You’ll discover how they define success and the biggest challenges they face. You can collect valuable insight on their social media usage and their decision-making process.

Build Your Profile

It’s time to create your ideal client! Include as much detail as you can to get a comprehensive picture of who your ideal client is, what matters to them, and how you can solve their problems and make their job easier. Your profile should include:



-communication style

-goals and challenges

Once you’ve created your ideal client profile, you can create a marketing strategy that’s designed to appeal specifically to top prospective clients and guaranteed to draw them to your brand. A personalized marketing approach improves your customer acquisition and retention rates and helps your business grow!

The marketing specialists at SophieZo can help you create an ideal client profile and put it to work. Book a call today to boost your conversions and accelerate your growth!


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