Building a Strong Support Network
Sophie Zollmann
October 23, 2020

Being a successful business owner isn’t an easy task. It takes a great deal of drive and ambition to face the many challenges and frustrations along the way.

You need a strong support network that inspires you, encourages you, and believes in you. Let’s take a closer look at the 3 types of people you need in your support network- and the naysayers that need to be booted from your inner circle!

Support and encouragement come in a lot of different forms. I’m breaking it down into the 3 basic layers:

1. The people that inspire you

This group consists of the people that have already achieved the kind of success that you want for yourself. They are top business owners, leaders and visionaries that inspire you with their achievements.

2. The people that understand you

This group is filled with people that are in the same place you are- namely business owners that are working hard to grow and expand their brand. You understand each other’s frustrations and struggles, share ideas and advice, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

3. The people that love you

This group is by far the most personal and the most important. This group holds the friends, family, and loved ones that are by your side no matter what. They believe in you and support your goals and ambitions, and they’ve got your back through anything!

Once you’ve created your 3-part support network, it’s time to clear out the sources of negativity in your life! After all, if a person doesn’t support your vision for your life, do they really deserve a place in it?

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