Making Your Marketing Merry
Sophie Zollmann
December 4, 2020

The holidays are here- is your marketing strategy ready??

The season of cheer is in full swing, and we’re talking about decking your virtual halls, bringing festive fun to your online community, and boosting your holiday revenue.

Holiday marketing is like the over-the-top cousin of regular marketing. Everything is just a little more extra. Bringing the holiday flair gives you countless opportunities to connect with your customers. Create those warm, fuzzy feelings by:

  • Creating holiday-themed content
  • Adding more behind-the-scenes fun via video, selfies, or fun tutorials
  • Sharing traditions that you love and giving your customers an opportunity to do the same

The holidays are also the perfect time to show your gratitude to your customers, and there are several easy-but heartfelt ways that you can say thank you.

  • Holiday cards
  • Small gifts for top clients
  • Personal email

Finally, let’s talk SALES! There are so many ways to bring in the holiday bucks and make the celebration last all the way into the new year!

  • Giveaways- everyone loves a free gift during the holidays
  • Bundles- create package deals of services and offers to give your customers the most bang for their buck
  • Limited time offers- create a special discount that’s only available for a short time- creating a sense of urgency helps those deals fly off the shelves!

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