Let Go to Grow – Part 2
Sophie Zollmann
September 24, 2021

We’ve all had times where we feel like we could be doing more with our businesses or earning more, but instead of creating a plan to make it happen, we talk ourselves out of it.

There are 3 little lies we tell ourselves that hold us back:

  • I don’t have time
  • I can’t afford it
  • Things are fine the way they are

Now, I’m not saying that these thoughts are NEVER valid, but oftentimes we use them as excuses to keep us in that safe little box we’re currently occupying. Instead of viewing them as challenges we have to overcome, we let them become roadblocks that stand in the way of our dreams.

Here’s the thing, when we tell ourselves that we don’t have time, or money, or a real need for change, we’re just avoiding the truth – we’re scared. We’re scared we’ll fail… We’re afraid we’ll lose money… We fear we’ll disappoint our friends or family… Sometimes we’re even afraid of success!

We avoid change because we fear the unknown, but until we can look that fear in the face, and push it aside, we’ll never get further than we are now.

So, let’s talk about how we can push through the narratives we tell ourselves, and get comfortable with the truth – that’s the first step in letting go!

-I can’t grow my business because I don’t have the time.

Sure, you’re busy and you may not have time to take on anything new – but you need to look for solutions rather than letting it become a roadblock. If you want to do more, you need more support. You can add to your team, hire an online business manager, or outsource some of your services to a white labeling agency. If you really want to do more in your business, you have stop telling yourself that you don’t have the time and start looking for ways to free up more of it.

-I can’t afford to reinvest in my business.

If you’re missing out on growth opportunities because you can’t afford them, start looking for a way to make it happen. Can you reduce spending somewhere else to free up some funds? Can you set aside some of your revenue each month to save up for a big-ticket item? You could even meet with a financial advisor to create a plan that gets you to your goal. Once again – money is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a roadblock!

-My business is fine the way it is now…

People – we did not jump out of the 9-5 rat race and take a huge chance so we could have a business that’s FINE! You want more and you deserve more! Settling for “fine” is just one more way of letting fear hold you back.

Don’t talk yourself out of the life you want to live. You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to, and if you start doubting yourself, look at all the incredible things you’ve already accomplished.

When you let go of the lies and push through the fear, there is nothing holding you back!

If you’d like to learn more about breaking free of the narratives that keep you from growing, check out this week’s episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo.


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