A Year of Change
Sophie Zollmann
December 24, 2021

You guys, where did the year go?? We’re just days away from Christmas, and we have just over a week left before we wrap up 2021 and tie it with a bow!

I’ve got a question for you. If you could sum up this year in just one word, what would your word be?

If I had to pick just one word for 2021, I’d have to pick, “change.”

I started out many years ago as a virtual assistant, and I built my business on that model, but it has evolved tremendously over the years, and my brand image simply hadn’t kept up.

Our mission has always been to lighten the load for business owners, and that’s still true, but our focus has changed. I realized that we weren’t just taking care of tasks, we were helping people build their empires!

Our clients have grown from soloprenuers who need an extra hand, to high-achieving, high-earning visionaries who are on a quest for MORE. It was time to dump the virtual assistant angle and embrace what we’ve become; an all-in-one team providing premiere business support to high level entrepreneurs.

That was an exciting change! Daunting, but exciting. And it was about so much more than just changing our look. I wanted to change the way we serve our customers as well. After all, if you’re already pressed for time, who wants to spend hours figuring out exactly what type of business support you need? Wouldn’t it be easier to just choose a package that contains everything you need in one place?

That was my “aha moment”!

I started putting together packages to fit our customers’ needs at every level. And once I did that, I was kind of kicking myself for not doing it before!!

It’s just so easy!! A new client comes in, and rather than telling them everything we do and watching their heads spin around as they try to pick and choose, I can just direct them to our list of packages and say, “Here you go – here’s everything you need to succeed. Here’s what we’ll do, here’s how much it will cost – pick the one that best fits your needs.”

You just make a phone call, pick your package, and bam- full support team, ready to go! It’s been so much fun to develop this, and present it to our customers, and I’m SO excited about all the success that’s waiting for our clients in the coming year.

But that’s not all that’s changing here at SophieZo! I’ve upgraded our look, our services, and even the podcast! Check out this week’s episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo to learn more. 

As we celebrate the last days of 2021 and prepare for all the exciting things on the horizon, I wish you and yours the happiest of holidays! I hope you are surrounded by love, laughter, and excitement for all the wonderful things to come.


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