Working Together with Michele Swinick
Sophie Zollmann
February 11, 2022

Michele Swinick believes that collaboration is the secret to better business.

Michele is the “queen of quality content and collaborations”, and she joined me on the podcast to show how we really are better together.

As the host of the Everything Home radio show and podcast, she has used her platform to promote countless entrepreneurs and give them an opportunity to share their talents and grow their network. She believes that when you help others get what they want, they’ll do the same for you, and that’s why we need to get out of the competition mindset and embrace collaboration.

You’ve spent your whole life making connections, and now you have a network of people that want to see you succeed- why not help each other do great things?

Michele shared some excellent advice for how to begin the collaboration conversation with your peers and colleagues:

  • Pick Up the Phone

We’ve lost sight of the value of a phone call! Just picking up the phone sparks a connection and encourages collaboration.

  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

You know people from all different areas of your life. Choose like-minded individuals whose opinions you trust. Don’t try to start from scratch- work with what’s in front of you.

  • Offer Something of Value

You are not trying to sell anything- you’re simply presenting an opportunity to help each other. Perhaps you can invite someone to appear on your podcast, collaborate on a project, or brainstorm an opportunity to cross-promote each other.

  • Choose People That Will Show Up

Collaboration costs you nothing but your time. You must be willing to give of your time and talents, and you must choose others who will do the same.

  • Grow Your Network and Change Your Life!

It doesn’t matter if you can only think of 10 like-minded people to start with. If you talk to those 10 people, and they each talk to 10 more, that’s 100 people that are working together to build each other up!

When you focus on building your network and bringing people together, everyone’s life gets better. Collaboration means more exposure, new opportunities, and more money for everyone!  

Michele wants to help you do more with your business, so she’s got a great offer for you! She’s giving you 20% off the registration fee for her course, How to Unleash & Optimize Your Database of Diamonds to Never Pay for Marketing Again! and including a free membership in her Collaboration Consortium!

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