Are You All In?
Sophie Zollmann
May 19, 2022

Sarah Sparks has one very important piece of advice for business owners who are ready to take it to the next level:

“Decide to be all in.”

Sarah is a spiritual business mentor, and she’s made it her mission to guide fun, fabulous, fashionable females to lead with their souls and listen to their Divine Guidance – and that begins with making the conscious decision to go wherever your soul leads you.

Sarah says that we often fall into the mindset that we must follow certain steps to be successful. Rather than doing what we feel led to do, we stifle our Divine Guidance and follow the path set by others.

But true success comes from charting your own course.

Sarah explains the process like this:

  • First, you must define what “all in” means to you. For Sarah, it meant living in alignment with her heart and her soul’s true desire. She listened to her soul and let it guide her appearance, her words, her message, and her work. And it worked! Within one year of listening to her Divine Guidance, Sarah TRIPLED her business!

  • Next, you must cast off the “shoulds” that others heap on you, and bravely follow where your soul leads. It takes courage and a fair amount of faith to listen to your truest self and follow her, but she will always lead you where you’re meant to go!

  • Finally, you are free to embrace all the incredible things the spirits have prepared for you because you have aligned your heart, your message, and your gifts.

It’s not JUST about making more money…

It’s one of the perks, sure, but it goes even deeper. When you decide to be all in, you’re forced out of your comfort zone, you face your fears, and you emerge as the truest version of yourself.

You’re FREE!!!

Free to share your innermost self with the world, free to let your soul’s deepest desires lead you to a higher plane, free to be the person you were always meant to be.

To hear more of Sarah Spark’s advice on letting your soul lead, tune into this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo. Then visit Sarah at and download her FREE guide, 5 Steps to Release the Weight of the World That has Been Put on Your Shoulders.


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