Consistency Is the Magic Word
Sophie Zollmann
June 10, 2022

What’s the key to killer video strategy?

Video marketing expert, Nina Froriep, says it all comes down to one thing…


Nina has over 30 years of production experience under her belt, and she’s seen it ALL! She’s put her experience to work in a new way, helping business coaches and service-based entrepreneurs create fun and easy video marketing content that attracts their ideal clients.

But Nina reminds us that no matter how great your videos are, they won’t make the impact you desire unless you’re truly consistent.

“It’s really important to know your stuff, have your niche down – really own your space in your industry, find your voice, and show up authentically on a consistent basis.”

Being consistent starts with planning ahead. Nina advises her clients to:

  • Set and adhere to a posting schedule

  • Plan your content calendar in advance

  • Bulk produce videos so you have a content library at your fingertips when things get extra busy

Consistency is also the key to providing an excellent user experience every time you interact with your clients. Nina offers these tips for achieving consistency and clarity in your message:

  • What is your message? You must determine that before you ever begin the video production process.

  • What do you want people to do when they engage with you?

  • What is your path of engagement? How will you attract clients and keep their attention?

  • What can you do to create a consistently awesome experience for your users?

Want more awesome video production advice from Nina Froriep – including tips on live video vs. prerecorded, scripted videos vs. winging it, and why teleprompters are the WORST??

Check out this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo, then visit Nina at and take the quiz to discover your video personality!


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