How A Social Media Manager Gathers Feedback Online
Sophie Zollmann
March 16, 2018

Customer feedback can be a powerful tool for your organization. The more you learn about what your customers like and dislike, the more you can adapt your business choices to suit their preferences. Unfortunately, most business owners simply don’t have the time or focus to spend time checking out social media responses on a daily basis. If you struggle to keep a handle on your customer feedback, then a social media manager could help by looking at some of the following things.

1. Facebook Reactions

Everyone’s favorite social media platform created a quick and effective way for people to interact with content in their newsfeeds. Facebook reactions come in five different options and allow audiences to express how they feel about what they see on your social channels. Social media managers can gather this information to generate an insight into the overall response people have for your business.

2. Social Listening Tools

Most social media managers will use social listening tools to gather more important client feedback. There are numerous social listening solutions available that allow you to gather information about what people are saying about your brand, your competitors, and your products. Listening to conversations can be a powerful way to manage your reputation and respond to negative comments as quickly as possible.

3. Twitter Polls

Finally, when we want to voice our opinion about something as quickly and effectively as possible, we often use a social media poll. Your social media manager can gather useful information from your audience about what they like and dislike regarding your company through the use of polls. That data can help you make important decisions about the future of your brand, and even the marketing campaigns you might want to launch.

Social media managers work with companies to help them get the most out of their online presence. Click here to decide if you should hire a social media manager today.


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