How To Measure The Success Of Your Social Media Campaign
Sophie Zollmann
April 20, 2018

In recent years, social media has developed from a way of sharing pictures with your friends and family to a solution for business success. By combining technology with social interaction, these platforms provide brands with the voice they need to connect with potential customers and industry peers.

Of course, just like anything else in the marketing world, social media marketing is only going to have an impact on your bottom line if you know how to do it right. While many people consider social media to be only one aspect of lead generation, it can be an important way to build your presence online and develop lucrative relationships with your audience.

Since the only way to know how successful your social campaigns are is to measure their success, here are just some of the tracking tips a social media manager would recommend.

1. Identify Your Key Performance Indicators

When you first launch your social campaign, you should have a goal or ambition that helps you to determine whether your efforts are successful, or whether you might need to try again. A Key Performance Indicator can be the thing you use to track progress toward your goal. For instance, if you want to improve conversions, then you could track the number of times people engage with your posts online.

2. Use Analytical Tools

Most companies with an online presence will already use analytical tools like “Google Analytics” to track the performance of their organic search efforts. However, you can also use these tools to find out the percentage of people that come to your website because of your social media marketing campaigns.

3. Keep Optimizing

Finally, once you start to see a change in your KPIs, make sure that you don’t just sit back on your laurels. Keep updating your social strategies, A/B testing and optimizing your campaigns to make sure that you’re getting the best results from all your investments.

If you’re not sure how to go about improving your social strategies, you could always try speaking to a social media manager. Click here to find out how hiring a social media manager could benefit you.


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