The Ethical Rules Of
Social Media Marketing
Sophie Zollmann
May 4, 2018

Social media marketing is more than just a way to spread brand awareness and improve the selling capacity of your business. It’s also a powerful way for you to share your unique personality with the world. With social media, you can begin to develop incredible relationships with your customers intended to help you establish ongoing brand loyalty and improve your chances of repeat sales.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know the rules of ethical social media marketing, then you could end up ruining your reputation and sending your clients running in the opposite direction. Here are just some of the fundamental guidelines you’ll need to know.

1. Know Your Audience

Before you do anything in the world of social media marketing, you’ll need to make sure that you fully understand your audience. Learn their needs, preferences, interests, and choices and create a complete psychographic and demographic overview. This will help you to refine your target audience and even segment your market to deliver more personalized messages.

2. Stay Away From Bias

It’s often best for businesses and marketers alike to stay away from any negative religious, political, cultural, or ethnic biases that might be perceived as controversial. The smallest mistake could lead to a huge PR disaster for your brand. That’s why the best social media managers will never allow bias to shine through in a post or tweet.

3. Be Transparent

If you’re endorsing a particular product, personality, or idea, you need to make sure your customers know why you’re endorsing it. Outline what your relationship is with each product, non-profit group, brand, or political entity you talk about on social media.

4. Think Before You Tweet

The online world is saturated with inauthentic pieces of information. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you should try offering something honest. With that in mind, however, make sure that you don’t just share the first thing that pops into your head. Be careful that you’re not saying anything that could negatively impact your reputation.

A social media manager will help you to make the most of your campaigns by ensuring that you stick to the ethical rules of marketing. Click here to learn more about why you should hire a social media manager now!


  1. Ray Davis

    Great article, Sophie, and spot on. Thanks for sharing!

    • sophiezo

      Thank you, Ray!


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