What Are The 3 C’s Of
Social Media Marketing?
Sophie Zollmann
May 18, 2018

Most businesses today know that if they want to get into the hearts and minds of their customers, then the first step they need to take involves building a powerful social media strategy. Social media marketing can help you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, driving higher amounts of traffic toward your company and increasing your chances of conversions.

Of course, getting the most out of your social media strategy means knowing how to use the techniques and skills of a social media manager to your advantage. Here, we’re going to take a look at the 3 C’s of social media marketing that managers use to help your company thrive.

1. C For Content

Being seen is crucial when it comes to attracting new business to your company and retaining your existing customers. When you create and distribute content that’s valuable to your followers, your business becomes more welcoming to your new prospects and more familiar for your current clientele.

Remember, the better your content is, the more interest your services and products are likely to generate. Work with your social media manager to design a content marketing strategy and social content strategy that link together perfectly.

2. C For Connections

The world of social media implicitly runs on connections and community. That means that if you want your strategy to succeed, you need a social media manager to ensure that you’re constantly communicating with your audience and answering their questions.

A social media professional can help to ensure that the communications you start on your social media channels are valuable for your audience, helping them to become more acquainted with your brand and more invested in your business.

3. C For Conversions

Finally, leads are wonderful, but conversions are often much better. Social media platforms are excellent when it comes to providing the ground that your business needs to make new leads and transform those leads into recurring customers. Every conversion begins with a conversation, and there’s no better place to communicate with your market than on social media.

If you’re interested in finding out how your social media manager can help you make the most of the three C’s, learn more about hiring a social media manager today.


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