Why More Businesses
Need To Use Social Media
Sophie Zollmann
July 6, 2018

If your business doesn’t have a social media presence yet, then now’s the time to get moving. It’s safe to say that channels like Facebook and Twitter have made their way into the corporate mainstream, and Instagram and Snapchat aren’t far behind.

Organizations that understand the power and potential of social media sites leverage the advertising and marketing opportunities of these platforms to build better relationships with their customers, increase their revenue, and outshine their competitors. Here are just a few of the reasons why more companies need to use social media.

1. A Lot Of People Are Using It Already

According to the latest figures, about 3.196 billion people are using social media today – that’s 42% of the world. Not only that, but the people who use these channels actually spend more with the companies they follow, too. Studies indicate that when companies engage with their clients on social media, they can earn as much as 40% more from each client.

It’s not only your customers using social media either – your competitors are already online, doing what they can to attract your share of the market. If you’re not ready to meet your clients on their favorite channel, then you can be sure that someone else is.

2. It Helps To Build Relationships

The best thing about social media is the “social” part of it. On social channels, you don’t just market your products and services to potential customers, you develop connections with them and learn what they want from your business. This helps you to improve your marketing campaigns in other areas, too.

Some companies even use social media to improve their customer service offers. Indeed, around 78% of the people who complain to a business on Twitter expect to get a response within an hour, and 58% of the Americans on social media say that customer service on social media has made it easier for them to resolve problems.

3. Word Of Mouth Is Changing

Finally, being active on social media ensures that you can continue to take advantage of word of mouth marketing, in a world where referrals are no longer given verbally. While people still trust the opinions of their friends and coworkers more than anything else when choosing new organizations to work with, they now turn to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get those reviews.

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