5 Tips For Finding
New Followers
Sophie Zollmann
November 2, 2018

A social media marketing campaign can’t succeed without loyal followers. Gaining new followers while keeping your current ones happy should always be one of your major marketing goals. Here are five creative ways to find new followers while actively engaging your loyal customers!

1. Use Hashtags

One of the easiest ways to expand your reach is to use hashtags. A quick search of that hashtag can bring new users to your page. This is especially effective if you include hashtags that are trending (as long as they clearly relate to your brand!). Hashtags will also help you determine what’s trending or going viral with your target audience.

2. Offer Contests or Exclusive Content

Contests serve a dual purpose: they’re a fun way to engage your current followers and get them excited about your brand, plus they introduce your content to potential new followers every time they share your post to enter the contest. You can increase your reach exponentially with every entry!

Offering exclusive content such as discounts or coupon codes is another great way to draw followers-existing and new-to your landing page. Your customers will always appreciate a great deal, and you’ll be increasing your brand loyalty!

3. Be a Good Follower

As you’re trying to build your online community, don’t forget to be a good follower yourself! Be sure to follow back, respond to comments, like your followers’ posts and show them that they’re important to you. Your highly engaged followers can be an incredibly helpful source of feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact them through direct messaging to ask what drew them to your company, and what keeps them there.

Make sure you’re also following social media influencers or big brands that relate to your industry. They have a huge impact on social media users, and a shout-out from an influencer can boost your brand awareness beyond belief!

4. Spread the Word

You want to make it easy for potential followers to find you, so make sure you include your social media profile link wherever you can. Definitely include them on your Contact and About Us pages on your website, but email signatures, blogs, newsletters, and even business cards are an opportunity to spread the word!

5. Use Your Tools

Analytics are the most important tools for expanding your audience. They allow you to see which of your posts have been the most successful. When you determine what kind of posts get the most hits, likes and comments, you can do more of them in the future! You’ll also know which posts haven’t garnered as much attention, so you can avoid those going forward.

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